HSDJETS Online Store is established for the Huangsai Aviation Science and Technology Co., LTD. We are an Online based ordering and service platform for the Radio Control Industry. We have a huge product line available for our enthusiasts. Including Turbine Jets, Electric Ducted Fan Jets, Propeller Airplanes, and Electronics. We are located in the historic city of Humen in Guangdong, China. Founded in 2010, HSD provides aeromodeling designs, production, sales and services with experience and cutting edge technology. Our products are recognized around the world, and enjoyed by our enthusiasts. Our designs have won numerous Foreign Technology Innovation Awards and have been featured in magazines.

HSD Headquarters is located in a spacious 95,000 square feet, state of the art facility that stimulates creative thinking, and produces the highest quality in products using the latest in cutting edge technology. Our facility also houses a full support team that provides caring and responsive service with knowlege. This will ensure our enthusiasts to enjoy our exciting hobby with great product and technical support. At HSD, we value an enviroment that stimulates creativity to thrive, imagine, and embrace the versatility of our engineers and staff. This enviroment allows us the freedom to be able to develop and create multiple high-end models at a rapid pace. The 75mm to 105mm EDF Series are of our most popular models along with our one of a kind Turbine powered jets.

We here at HSDJETS have pledged to bring this amazing hobby to the next level of technological innovations and by providing knowlegeable service that matches our constant strive for excellence! We are grateful for your support!

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HSDJETS T-33 Front gear electric

№: P99 99 03 0016

Limited to 7.4v power supply

HSDJETS T-33 Front gear light

№: P48 99 04 0003

Front landing gear light + aluminum frame + light line

HSDJETS T-33 Front gear set

№: P48 99 02 0001

Including retraction + leg + wheel + front steering gear + front starting light + front steering parts

HSDJETS T-33 Front landing gear holder

№: P48 99 09 0002


HSDJETS T-33 Front landing gear shock absorber inner shaft

№: P48 99 02 0014

Φ10×45mm+Φ6×6mm Standard hard chromium plated rod (X1 part)

HSDJETS T-33 Front landing gear shock shaft

№: P48 99 02 0015

Φ15×63.5mm CNC Aluminum parts