HSDJETS S-EDF 105mm HF-16 V2 Red white blue Colors KIT*

Manufacturer: HSDJETS
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1344mm (52.9in)


1809mm (71.2in)

Flying Weight


Turbine Engine

68KG brushless (required & not included)

Cruising speed


Flying time


Wing area

47.6 dm2

Wing load


Main material

35 times the import of aeromodelling EPO

Painting surface

Matte environmental water-borne paint + decal

Suitable experience level

□Zero basis □Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Suitable for ambient temperature


Radio System

6 channel (required & not included)

Control System


Servos(required & not included)

25g×2 Metal gear with 60mm lead (left & right Horizontal tail forward)
25g×2 Metal gear with 150mm lead (left & right Aileron forward)
25g×1 Metal gear with 230mm lead (Rudder forward)
12g×2 Metal gear with 480mm lead (with protection function)(Left & right rear cover plate forward)
12g×1 Metal gear with 480mm lead (with protection function)(Front cover plate forward)
12g×1 Metal gear with 320mm lead (with protection function)(Front wheel steering forward)
12g×1 Metal gear with 480mm lead (Front wheel 360 locking forward)
12g×1 Metal gear with 480mm lead (Rear wheel 360 locking reverse)
12g×1 Metal gear with 480mm lead (Rear wheel 360 locking forward)

Recommended Battery

2S,7.4V,33005200mAh×2,LiPo with XT60 type plug(required & not included)





Elevator(Horizontal tail)


Rudder(Vertical tail)


The smoke system


LED lights system


Electromagnetic brake system


Reinforced gyro

Selective configuration (not included)

Packaging / Size

Packing Box + Outer Box(Card mark)/1456×518×337(mm)

CG (Center of Gravity)

155160mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing

Landing Gears


Battery Charger

LiPo battery charger (required & not included)


  • Fuselage×1
  • Left Wing×1
  • Right Wing×1
  • Nose×1
  • Cockpit canopy×1
  • Vertical Stabilizer×1
  • Left Horizontal tail ×1
  • Right Horizontal tail ×1
  • L/R Auxiliary tank ×1
  • L/R wingtip missile ×1
  • L/R wingtip missile pylon ×1
  • L/R No.1 missile ×1
  • L/R No.2 missile ×1
  • L/R tail fins ×1
  • Main wing carbon tube L=400mm external diameter 10mm×2
  • Accessories Bag ×1
    • Fuselage antenna ×1
    • Pitot×1
    • Screw (HA3×14mm)×10 (Nose & Engine)
    • Screw (HM3×6mm)×2 (Horizontal tail)
    • Screw (HA3×10mm)×8 (Tail nozzle & Vertical)
    • Screw (KA3×16mm)×8 (Missile)
    • Screw (KA3×20mm)×8 (Missile)
    • Screw (KM3×60mm)×8 (Auxiliary tank)
    • Screw (HM3×10mm)×8 (Main wing)
  • HF-16 V2 Manual×1


  • SW 68KG brushless (required & not included)
  • 6 channel radio system(radio & receiver) (required & not included)
  • 2S,7.4V,33005200mAh×2,LiPo with XT60 plug (required & not included)
  • LiPo battery charger (required & not included)
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