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HSDJETS 15L Fuel Tank (Stainless Steel)

№: A19 01 00 00F

$239.90 $199.90

HSDJETS 25L Fuel Tank (Stainless Steel)

№: A19 02 00 00F

$239.90 $219.90

AS150 to EC5 Adapter

№: rcjas150adapter

Battery plug adapter for connecting AS150 devices or planes to EC5 equipped batteries. Not for voltage above 6S Lipo. Not for use in 12S edf jets.

Zap Foam Safe CA

№: zapfoamsafeca

Zap Adhesives Foam Safe CA .7oz bottle

Zap Z-Poxy 5 Minute

№: zapzpoxy5

Zap Z-Poxy 5 Minute Epoxy kit. 4fl oz

Zap Z-Poxy 15 Minute

№: zapzpoxy15

Zap Z-Poxy 15 Minute Epoxy kit. 4fl oz

Zap Z-Poxy 30 Minute

№: zapzpoxy30

Zap Adhesives 30 Min Epoxy kit, 8fl oz

Zap Z-Poxy Quick Shot

№: zapquickshot

5 Minute Field Ready, quick epoxy kit. Great for the field! 1oz mixing bottle