120mm EDF

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HSDJETS S-EDF 120mm HF-86 Yellow ribbon Colors KIT

№: A50 02 03 00

$699.90 $599.90

HSDJETS S-EDF 120mm HT-33 Yellow ribbon Colors PNP 12S

№: A52 02 02 04J

Fly the "Shooting Star"! Large and graceful flight characteristics. Deserving of the nickname... This bird will thrill the spectators!

HSDJETS S-EDF120mm 2000mm SUPER VIPER - 120mm EDF Navy Colors PNP

Our composite (FRP) 2M CLASS (2000mm long) is the is a hybrid-design airframe utilizing the absolute best features available in aviation design. We have combined the high lift characteristics of a semi-symmetrical wing airfoil with the undisputed benefits of a full flying body. The result is an aircraft that can be enjoyed by low-time pilots as well as the pros! This aircraft will instantly be your favorite jet.
$3,249.90 $3,000.00