HSDJETS Super Viper Foam Turbine Navy Colors PNP

Manufacturer: HSDJETS
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SKU: A15 02 02 00X


Wingspan 1500mm (59.1in)
Length 1663mm (65.5in)
Flying Weight 6.5kg (14.3 lb)
Turbine Engine SW60 6KG brushed / SW60B 6KG brushless (required & not included)
Cruising speed 250 km/h
Flying time 6 min (avg)
Wing area 34.28 dm2
Wing load 189.6 g/dm2
Main material 20 times EPO
Painting surface matte paint
Suitable experience level Intermediate
PNP Assembly difficulty □☆10mins ■★☆30mins □★★60mins
Suitable for ambient temperature 0℃~40℃
Radio System 8 channel (required & not included)
Control System MFC-2085

25g×2 Metal gear with 480mm lead (left & right ailerons forward)
25g×3 Metal gear with 190mm lead (Flap×2 & rudder×1 forward)
25g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead (elevator forward)
12g×1 Metal gear with 300mm lead (Nose wheel steering forward)
12g×1 Metal gear (360°lock Hatch cover forward)

Recommended Battery 2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh×2,LiPo with T type plug(required & not included)
Ailerons Yes
Flaps Yes
Elevator(Horizontal tail) Yes
Rudder(Vertical tail) Yes
The smoke system Yes
LED lights system Yes
Electromagnetic brake system Yes
Reinforced gyro not included
Packaging / Size Packing Box + Outer Box(Card mark)/132.5×46×39.5(cm)
CG (Center of Gravity) 170mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing Gears Metal electric retractable hydraulic landing gear×3
Battery Charger LiPo battery charger (required & not included)


  • Fuselage×1
  • Left Wing×1
  • Right Wing×1
  • Left Horizontal Stabilizer×1
  • Right Horizontal Stabilizer×1
  • Vertical Stabilizer×1
  • Nose×1
  • Cockpit canopy×1
  • Main wing carbon tube L=598mm external diameter 16mm×1
  • Horizontal Stabilizer carbon tube L=500mm external diameter 6mm×1
  • Sticker×1
  • Capping board×1
  • Accessories Bag 1 ×1
    • Nylon rocker arm of the servo ×2
    • Double sided sponge paper×1
    • Screw (HM4×35mm)×4 (Nose)
    • Screw (HM3×14mm)×2 (Wing)
    • Screw (HM3×10mm)×2 (Wing)
    • Screw (PA3×14mm)×4 (Engine)
    • Screw (PA3×10mm)×4 (Tail nozzle)
    • Screw (PA3×8mm)×8 (Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Stabilizer)
  • Accessories Bag 2 ×1
    • L type 3mm inner six corner board hand×1
    • Screw (HM4×35mm)×4 (Nose)
    • Screw (HM3×14mm)×2 (Wing)
    • Screw (HM3×10mm)×2 (Wing)
    • Screw (PA3×14mm)×4 (Engine)
    • Screw (PA3×8mm)×8 (Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Stabilizer)
  • Manual×1

  • SW60 6KG brushed / SW60B 6KG brushless (required & not included)
  • 8 channel radio system(radio & receiver) (required & not included)
  • 2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh×2,LiPo with T type plug (required & not included)
  • LiPo battery charger (required & not included)


Existing reviews
Awesome PNP, Things to know
Just received my bird today and ordered the SW-60 separately. I the hook phase of construction. The airframe went together well. I only had an issue with the canopy latch and had to  file the opening slightly to latch it securely.
You will however need to download the aircrafts instruction manual from this site as it is more concise versus the paper document that came with the plane. You will also have to go to SW-jet.com and download the manual since it is not included? with the high dollar engine.  
Overall the aircraft appears well made and the surface finish is very smooth for an EPO construction. All the components appear to be first rate.
I did notice that some of the white cover up decals came off from handling, However they are not really necessary since the fit and finish is top shelf.
I am giving the aircraft a 4 star rating since the canopy latch needed rework and the smoke tubing bracket  requires relocating once the engine was installed to avoid interference with the turbines mounting brackets. An issue that is very obvious.
Tim | 2/12/2020 5:46 AM
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Great Flying Turbine Jet
I have seven turbine jets and this one flies almost as good as the T33. With the Swiwin 80 in it, it flies nice and fast as well as lands nice and slow. This is a great turbine jet for someone looking to get into turbines. It's flight characteristics is similar to other viper jets I've flown.
Jeff | 8/6/2020 11:46 PM
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Q: What does KIT means?
A:It means aircraft comes without any electronic equipments, such as motor,ESC,servos,remote control,battery,etc. Clients have to buy these equipments themselves.

Q: What does KIT+L means?
A:It's a KIT version but comes with landing gear installed.

Q: What does PNP means?
A: It means the aircraft got equipments already installed and tested, but clients have to buy remote control,receiver,battery and the charger themselves. For example:servos,ESC,power system,landing gear,control system(UBEC included but no power supply), light cables(according to the model of aircrafts).It's a 90% installation.Note: turbojet series products do not include turbojet engine.

Q: What does PNP+T means?
A: It's a PNP version with engine(general means turbine) installed and tested. It's a 95% installation.

Q: What does RTF means?
A: It means the aircraft comes with completely equipment installation(including battery supply,charger,remote control and receiver). It's a 100% installation.

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